AOCS 2016

Dr. Desmond J. Tobin, University of Bradford


Dr Desmond J. Tobin is Professor of Cell Biology and Director of the Centre for Skin Sciences at University of Bradford. He holds a BSc from the National University of Ireland (Maynooth), a PhD from the University of London (St. John’s Institute of Dermatology) and post-doctoral training from New York University Medical School’s Dept. of Dermatology.

Over the past 20 years he has researched in basic and applied skin/hair sciences, with a particular focus on the biology of human melanocytes/ pigmentation and hair growth disorders especially those with an immune basis. He was the first to identify antibodies to hair follicle-specific antigens in patients with acute alopecia areata, and also the first to establish melanocytes from the human hair follicles in long-term culture. He has identified a self-similarity of the POMC peptide system in the human hair follicle pigmentary unit, how pigmentation can be regulated by CRF and POMC peptides (incl. beta endorphin), and more recently by bone morphogenetic proteins. Together with Suman Singh he has revealed an unexpected role for filopodia in melanin transfer under the influence of myoxin-X and cdc42.

Des Tobin is a Fellow of Royal College of Pathologists, Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, and Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists (Vice-resident). He serves(ed) on several editorial boards, published over 140 publications, incl. 3 books, and his H-Index is currently 50.

Florence Bernardin, In-Cosmetics

What's Hot from Asia

Watery textures layering for ideal moisture , anti-pollution concerns focusing on indoor aggressions and new protections, mobile compacts moving from makeup to skincare. Asian waves bring new routines, new textures, new ingrédients and new skin benfits. Discover how Asian trends will keep influencing the cosmetics world.


Founded in 2003 by Florence Bernardin, Information et Inspiration is a Franco-Asian team of experts entirely dedicated to monitoring cosmetics markets. The work and analyses provided by Florence Bernardin and her team focus on a unique discovery of products, concepts, formulations, distribution methods and communication from Japan, but also China, Korea and India...

Her aim is to provide European companies, whether or not they are already present on these markets, with added knowledge so as to fuel their creative, future-oriented thinking.

Recognized by the profession as an Asian beauty industry expert, she also works with many magazines (Le Monde, Vogue and Emballage Mag among others) and gives talks at trade shows and professional summits (Cosmeeting, Luxe Pack, Beauté-Packaging, etc.). Her customers are among the largest international groups in the cosmetics sector.