IOU 2014

Nava Dayan Ph.D., Dr. Nava Dayan L.L.C.

Scalp Skin- Innate Immunity, Biota, Genomic and Proteomic Testing Opportunities

The scalp is unique among skin areas with relatively high follicular density and an elevated rate of sebum secretion. The protected dark and warm environment on the scalp surface provides a welcoming ground for population of microorganism that may be different from that present in other body areas.

Scalp skin is one of the thickest skin areas of the body, and carries supplementary blood circulation. In addition it is heavily populated with sebaceous glands, which produce sebum that protects hair. Naturally therefore scalp associated disorders involve follicular secretions imbalance and innate immunity aspects such as pH, biota and inflammation. Lipophilic yeast Malassezia is widely accepted to play a role in scalp disorders. However since many of the scalp microorganisms are not culturable using current culture techniques it is difficult to elucidate the role of other biota in scalp health. Genomic and proteomic techniques utilizing identification of biota and its secretion sequencing can give rise to better understanding of disorders and pave paths for innovation in prevention and treatment.

My talk will compare biochemical differences between scalp skin and other skin areas, follicular density and secretion, typical biota and innovative genomic and proteomic testing opportunities.


Dr. Nava Dayan is the owner of Dr. Nava Dayan L.L.C, a skin science and research consultancy located at NJ, USA, and serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care industries; dermal and transdermal. Nava offers consulting for product feasibility in and into skin care, composition of R&D plans covering efficacy and toxicology; planning, execution and data interpretation into claims of experiments during the processes of drug discovery as well as formulations, delivery for improved efficacy and attenuated toxicity. Sample of expertise includes: drug-skin interaction, bio-markers (genomics and proteomics), skin/age related sensitivities, inflammatory skin disorders, innate immunity and biota. She also conducts customized education classes. Nava has 24 years of experience in the greater skin care segment, and have yielded more than 150 publication credits in numerous industry-respected journals and in four books. She has been awarded the In-Cosmetics Gold Award for innovation and commensurate recognition from the NYSCC and the CRS for excellence. Nava has a wide network of CRO's with whom she is working to fine tune and execute R&D.

Her passion for fragrance is evident in the marketing support she provides to customers. As a skilled fragrance marketer, Tracey's ability is unsurpassed, she lives, loves and breathes fragrance!

Carol Grant, Sensory Spectrum, Inc.

Utilizing Descriptive Analysis Techniques in Benchtop Evaluations

One challenge formulators face is objectively evaluating their products outside the context of their immediate project. Descriptive Analysis can be very useful in removing that context, allowing products to be evaluated in a more standard fashion. This helps product developers gain a true understanding of the impact of changes in a formulation. Sensory Spectrum is a leader in Descriptive Analysis techniques, using standard materials to anchor scales and using standardized techniques to ensure each evaluation results in profiles that are comparable throughout the product development process. In this presentation some of these techniques will be presented and reference materials discussed to aid formulators in standardizing their in-lab assessments.


Carol Grant manages sensory projects in the food and personal care product categories. Carol graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Food Science and brings to Sensory Spectrum 15 years of experience in both product development and marketing research experience from CPG companies and the fragrance industry. Carol has been with Sensory Spectrum since 2011.