SnL 2014

Tracey Lundquist

Director of Marketing, Tracey Lundquist, has always prided herself as an expert of fragrance. With over 15 years of experience, in the fragrance industry, Tracey has assisted customers worldwide, in every market, with her fragrance knowledge.

Tracey's unique skill set, being a formally trained fragrance evaluator before moving into marketing, allows her to understand fragrance from many angles. Tracey is an active member of many of the fragrance industry associations, including the WFFC, CEW and NCA.

Her passion for fragrance is evident in the marketing support she provides to customers. As a skilled fragrance marketer, Tracey's ability is unsurpassed, she lives, loves and breathes fragrance!

Dr. Fabrice Lefevre

Dr Fabrice Lefevre is leading the scientific marketing activities at Induchem, a leading supplier of cosmetic ingredients. Dr Lefevre has a biotechnology engineer background with a Ph.D. in molecular biology and protein engineering. He has more than 15 years of industrial experience in different fields of application, with a special focus on biocatalysis, pharma and green chemistry.

Before this current position, Dr Lefevre has been Libragen's CSO for 5 years, and launched on the market the first cosmetic ingredients of this company. He previously hold for 10 years the position of VP CSO at Protéus, a French biotechnology company focused on extremophile micro-organisms, for which he developed the major technology platforms for enzyme screening and directed evolution.

Dr Lefevre has an extensive experience in the project management of industrial and EU projects, as well as projects in partnership with university laboratories both in France and overseas. Being a guest speaker in Universities and Engineer Schools, he is the author of reference scientific papers, book chapters, and of more than 20 patents (cosmetic products and biotechnologies), many of them being granted in US en Europe.