TnT 2014

Dawn Thiel Glaser

Brazil - A land of Opportunities: Vast natural resources and a growing personal care market

A country with more than 200 million inhabitants, immense landmass and the greatest biodiversity on the planet represents the third largest cosmetics industry in the world. Understand what the Brazilian consumers want in hair care, skin care and fragrances, what successful Brazilian companies have done, and how best to utilize Brazil's natural resources to reach this very diverse audience.


Dawn has worked with Beraca for over 7 years; two years in her current position at Beraca and prior to that as Technical Manager at Glenn Corporation, Beraca's distributor in the Midwest. Dawn has a BS in Chemistry and an MBA in Marketing and has split her career working in the lab and in sales. Dawn is currently the liaison chair between IFSCC and SCC after finishing her term as SCC National Secretary in 2013.

Richard Rigg

Crystalization in Skin Care Products

There are many factors affecting how waxes crystallize. Among them are additives, that are structurally disruptive, and processing methods that range from cooling rate to the amount of shear applied during the processing phase. Depending on the combination of factors – additives and processing – the structure and size of crystals can vary widely, which ultimately affects the performance and stability of the finished product. Selection of additives and processing conditions that disrupt crystallization can result in beneficial properties in some products while in others it can be detrimental.